New superlight springs

First to introduce Superlight springs in 2015, Ext is now redefining Superlight meaning introducing a new
material that will make a new State of art in spring design for both lightness and quality.

This new generation of Superlight Spring features a weight reduction, depending on spring stiffness values
and travel, of up to 30% compared with previous Ext superlight generation and other competitor products.

Defining new standards

Developed using exotic materials mainly used in motorsport applications, that features a very high
tensile strength and modulus coupled with a very dedicate design and specific production process.
Ext Superlight V2 Springs are set to define a new standard in very low weight high performances springs.

Why use lighter springs?

In modern mtb performance is key, and much of the research done in the last few years is oriented towards making high quality components while reducing weight.
Every gram counts, that’s why we developed Ext Superlight V2 Springs, to assure you the same performance of your favourite coil springs without having to come to terms with weight.

Performance and safety

Safety is one of the key values of Ext, our products are tested under extreme conditions to guarantee you the ability to ride at your full potential without worrying about failures.
Ext Superlight V2 Springs makes no difference, while being lighter they are by any means less solid and has been tested to give you the best performance and safety.

Materials and features

The material used for Ext Superlight V2 Springs is refined in a way that leads to a higher tensile strenght, wich gives several advantages:
– 100% crack detection proof
-The feature of higher % of vanadium results in a very high dynamic possible stress
-long life span
-reduction of weight compared to the same spring made from “normal” spring
steel (up to 30% of reduction, depending on spring characteristics)


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